- kels -

twenty nine forever east coast kid.

likes: [rolling up] coffee, tattoos, food, hip hop, swearing, adventures, corona, skateboards, travel, acoustics, books, snapbacks, muscle shirts, chuck taylors, candy, sunshine, music, the ocean, life.

loves: my dogs. my family. my wife. [taken forever] ∞


my wife

my pootie girl


how foolish it is to think that we love only with our hearts. the heart is just an organ with a job to do, a quota to fill. when i love, i don’t want to love with a blood pumping machine. i want to love with every inch of my body.

i will love you with my knees and my fingertips, with my elbows and my collarbones. with my freckles and my knuckles, my wrinkles and my scars.

and i will love you with all the spaces in between..

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